How to Avoid Small Dents and Dings

How to Avoid Small Dents and Dings

It’s OK to walk a little to park away from other cars.

We’ve all done this. We pull up to a shopping center and try to find the closest spot to the store we’re going to. The problem with doing things this way is that all other shoppers in a rush are looking to park as close as possible and this increases the chances of being bumped into. Instead, go ahead a park a little farther such that getting in and out would be a breeze and you’re not likely to not get a dent.

Give enough room for other vehicles

Take a few more seconds to make sure you’re not too close to the line, such that if the guy next door tries to open their door, they’ll likely hit your side just for them to get into their vehicle. Laving enough room on both sides of your lot allows other drivers to get into and out of their cars without touching yours.

Avoid vehicles with car seats

If you have kids you know the hassle of getting into and out of a car on the parking lot. You need all the space you can get. Sometimes kids would open the door without considering the cars next to theirs. If you see a car with a car seat, you should avoid parking next to it or give more room.