Questions to Ask About Windshield Repairs

Questions to Ask About Windshield Repairs

When a chip appears in your windshield, you must act quickly. Glass repair should not be left to chance. We’ve put up a list of questions to ask the experts who will be repairing your window.

What Kinds of Repairs Do I Need?

The majority of rock chips and tiny cracks can be easily repaired, but it’s critical to do it before the damage worsens. Larger cracks will often require an entire windshield replacement. Ask your technician about their recommendations.

How Long Will It Take To Repair the Damage?

Chip repair can often be completed in about an hour. It may take a day or two for a complete windshield replacement. If the store has a long list of clients to assist, be sure to ask about a timeline.

What Type of Glass Will Be Used?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket glass are the two most common forms of auto glass. OEM glass is typically more expensive than aftermarket glass, but it is of superior quality. Ask about the price differences with your technician. It is recommended that you use the same type of glass that was originally installed in your vehicle.

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