Why It’s Crucial to Use a Certified Auto Body Shop

Why It’s Crucial to Use a Certified Auto Body Shop

It is important to use a certified auto body shop for your particular brand of automobile or truck.

By Certifying shops, OEMs can refer customers to body shops with confidence, knowing that Certified shops make the grade. The sign on the wall and your official credentials prove that your Certified shop is a step above the rest and in a league of your own.

A certified auto body shop employs technicians who receive comprehensive training on parts used in different makes and models. These technicians can then earn original equipment manufacturer (OEM) certifications to perform repairs on cars from Ford, Honda, Subaru, Tesla, and other globally recognized brands. Each OEM certification verifies that an auto body technician has been trained to repair specific makes and models. It also confirms that a technician has been tested and evaluated to ensure that he or she can perform a wide range of repairs on these makes and models.

Certified auto body technicians do whatever they can to develop and implement car repair best practices. They continuously look for ways to improve, and as such, constantly uncover ways to provide customers with outstanding auto body services and support. The bottom line: certified auto body technicians do their part to deliver exceptional car repair services and support.

An auto body shop that hires certified technicians wants what’s best for its customers. These technicians are devoted to the shop’s clientele, and they won’t settle for subpar results, regardless of the repair. Conversely, certified auto body technicians work diligently to diagnose a problem and the best course of action to fix it. They then get to work to repair auto body damage and can provide tips and recommendations to help a car owner avoid recurring vehicle problems.

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