Can I Get My Auto Body Repaired After Water Damage?

Can I Get My Auto Body Repaired After Water Damage?

Your car may need to be evaluated by a professional body shop after water damage. Your car may have water damage that may cause rust in the car and a body shop can help with this type of repair.

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When you first return to your car after a flood, you should see if you can tell how much of the car was submerged. You might be able to see an actual water line on your vehicle, or you may be able to tell by where the damage is located.

Flooding can damage a whole host of things in a vehicle, including the metal that could become to rust. Damage to the engine or electronics, which can be difficult, if not impossible, to repair. If the water only rose to the level of the flooring of the car, it might be salvageable. However, you’ll need to take care to properly dry and clean all interior aspects, as well as ensure there’s no damage to the exterior that could promote rusting down the road.

Even if the damage appears to just be superficial, it’s still best to bring the car in to a professional. A trained expert can remove paneling from your vehicle